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Costume collection tips

By Ishtar Dance on Monday, July, 16th, 2018 in Dance Coaching, Dance Entrepreneur, Dance Inspiration 4 Comments

Every dancer loves a beautiful costume… Consider it an occupational hazard to love all things sparkly and always find yourself marvel at pretty new designs at events you may attend. So how do you navigate a world and profession where you’re surrounded by so much beauty and temptation to buy all the time? Well, I’m […]

What to pack for your dance travels

By Ishtar Dance on Monday, July, 2nd, 2018 in Dance Coaching, Dance Entrepreneur, Dance Inspiration 2 Comments

Whether you’re travelling to attend a workshop or planning on attending a dance festival or holiday, it’s essential to pack light, but also not miss a thing! I’ve witnessed several occasions where dancers turn up missing key items and it can really spoil the experience and cause unnecessary stress. The worst situation must undoubtedly be […]

Five favourite solo performances

By Ishtar Dance on Tuesday, June, 5th, 2018 in Dance Coaching, Dance Entrepreneur, Dance Inspiration 1 Comment

I have lost count of how many solo performances I have done over the years, but every now and again some stand out as being extra special for various reasons. When I first started dancing I thought every performance had to perfect. This was probably due to my Ballroom Dance competition days. But experience has […]

GDPR Update: Did we get it right?

By Ishtar Dance on Sunday, May, 27th, 2018 in Dance Entrepreneur, Dance Inspiration, Learning No Comments

The new General Data Protection Regulation is now in force and you’re probably pretty feed up with the term GDPR by now… So did everyone get their data and processes sorted by the 25 May, 2018? And if so, did they get it right?  I’ve had plenty of messages asking questions about the practicalities, and […]