Moving Flow Meditation & Sound Immersion Workshop

Weybridge Scout Hut
20 Springfield Lane, Weybridge, KT13 8AW
5 Nov 2023
Early bird £25 until the 22nd of October, Thereafter £30. 

Find healing and your own authentic flow through organic movements and medicinal sounds.

In this explorative workshop we will start with generating breath awareness, before enjoying a body scan to help you release tension, and stress from your body and to calm your mind. 

You will ground and connect to your core, before being guided through flowing intuitive movements to explore your inner landscape and release what is no longer needed. This moving meditation will allow you to connect deeply with both your body and soul in a flowing dance of discovery and healing. You will be moving in your own space (no partners or physical touching), exploring various movement pathways – some for you to discover on your own, others suggested by me.

As a master teacher within the field of movement, meditation and energy work this workshop will be very different to my other movement offerings. It is a very gentle workshop that will be suitable for most, but please do consult your GP prior to attending if you have any concerns related to your own health and ability of movement. Pregnant women should consult their mid-wife or GP before attending any movement or dance workshop to ensure they can attend safely. 

No previous moving mediation or dance experience is necessary. 

The session will end with a beautiful sound bath by local Sound Healer Michele Consoni to allow you to integrate your experience and feel relaxed and revitalized.

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