Understanding Music used in Belly Dance (JWAAD)

Chiswich Catholic Centre
Dukes Avenue, London, W4 2AE
9 Oct 2020
from £445

Join me for a fascinating course which will inform and develop your dancing forever.

The first weekend will run from 9th-11th of October.

The course is designed by Belly Dancers for Belly Dancers (and anyone interested in understanding music relating to Belly Dance).  Suitable for student of belly dance, teachers and performers.  There are additional classes for those registered on the JWAAD Teaching Diploma or the JWAAD Performance Diploma.  If you live outside the UK and want to do the Diploma classes, you can apply by sending a video of yourself dancing, as a certain technical level before accepting Diploma students.

The course is suitable for:

• Students who want to increase their knowledge
• Teachers of Belly Dance
• Performers of Belly Dance
• Musicians may also find it useful to enable them to put the music in context and understand it from a dancer’s perspective.

What is included?
• Recognising Middle Eastern musical instruments
• Understanding Middle Eastern rhythms
• Recognising Middle Eastern musical styles
• Working with live Tabla to create your own Tabla solo
• Playing basic rhythms
• Introduction to sagat
• Dance classes with a focus on musical recognition and interpretation
• Introduction to key singers and composers
• Identifying iconic pieces of music
• Building a portfolio of evidence for the One Awards

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