Advance Your Dance Online

The enrolment for this 8 week interactive, personalised belly dance course for improver/intermediate dancers, starting the 29 September 2018, has now ended.

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Advance Your Dance Online is tailored to fit your dance needs and is as interactive as any live workshop, with the benefit of you being able to join from home. No need to spend money and time travelling and with live sessions being recorded, you can literally study when and where it suits you.

See the FAQ video (created for my Spring course, so the dates differ) which explains it all here.

The course will start 29/30 September 2018 with a private 1-2-1 session online and then run for 8 weeks, with live sessions taking place every other weekend, and study materials provided throughout the week. Live sessions are recorded for you to view and review whenever it suits you.

There are limited spaces to ensure the high quality of teaching which is at the core of this course. This will help make sure you really do ‘advance your dance online’. Here’s what Jennifer thought of her Advance Your Dance Online experience …

What we’ll cover

This is a highly personalised program tailored to benefit those signed up, hence the limited spaces, but we will also cover the following to help take your dancing to the next level:

  • Advanced dance technique and combos
  • Music and styles
  • Dance flow and improvisation techniques
  • Choreography master class
  • Stage craft and performance skills
  • Advanced arm technique

What to expect

This online course is inspired by my Advance Your Dance studio courses, which I’ve taught to intermediate and advanced level students for many years with some amazing results. My teaching style is quite ‘technical’ and the reason why my students progress and develop so quickly.

I focus a lot on posture and muscular control, which are the foundations for all good dance technique.

The course is aimed at improver to intermediate students of Egyptian dance, but I’ve also successfully taught non-egyptian dancers and helped them improve their dancing across different styles. The emphasis and music however will be on Egyptian belly dance.

There won’t be homework as such, but you will be expected to prepare ahead of live session and 1-2-1s.


“It’s really easy to log on and I was surprised how well it worked learning online like this,” Kirsten, Denmark


What’s included

This course is fully packed with resources I’ve built up over the two decades that I’ve been teaching. I’m probably giving away more than necessary, but I’d rather that you decide whether it’s useful for you here and now, or want to save it for future reference. The different elements of the course can be broken down into the following:

  • Personal dance development 1-2-1 to uncover your weaknesses and strengths and help you progress
  • 4 live class sessions (60 min each)
  • Dance drills and exercises to strengthen and improve your technique
  • Study sheets and background notes
  • Pre-recorded technique videos
  • Audio recordings to assist your practise
  • 30 minutes private online 1-2-1
  • Optional: half price 1-2-1 to be taken within 2 months of finishing the course, to ensure your technique development (because it’s advisable you allow yourself time to digest and work on your dance technique but also have a follow up within a few months to ensure you’re on the right way and still feeling confident putting your newly learned skills to use)

The course will deliver over 15 hours of tuition, but to fully benefit you should set aside time to practise ahead of live sessions including 1-2-1s. However being online, you have full flexibility about where and when you access the course materials. The live sessions will also be recorded for you to review, or view if you couldn’t make them, at a time convenient to you.

How to join

Enrolment has now ended.

Once you’ve signed up you will receive your information pack for the course containing the full time table, how to join the live sessions and access you learning resources, as well as information on how to book your private 1-2-1 which will take place either on Saturday 29 or Sunday 30 September.

The 4 live sessions are planed to take place on the following dates rom 5:00-6:00pm UK time:

7 October, 21 October, 10 November and 25 November, 2018.

The live sessions are all recorded, so you can review them at any time, and don’t miss out if you shouldn’t be able to make one of them. In order to gain the most from the course, it is however recommended to attend the live sessions when possible, to get personal feedback and ask questions.

You will need to have a computer or tablet with a camera and loudspeaker, as well as access to the internet in order to log on and join. Students have previously taken part using their phone, and although it can work, a larger screen is recommended to allow you to follow the class more easily.

Other ways to study with me online

Pre-recorded classes and drills

Join one of my ready made classes and learn where and when it suits you.

These classes are suitable for all levels, but if you’re new to belly dance, I recommend you attend a few live classes first to ensure your posture and basic technique is correct. It’s very hard to unlearn bad habits.

Price: FREE. Select your class here.

Private lessons (1-2-1’s)

All you need is a good broadband connection and a device with both loudspeaker and microphone. I offer the first 15 minutes free, so you can make sure the technical side will work and that this is the right way of learning for you.

Online 1-2-1’s are suitable for everything from technique development to choreography and performance advice.

Price: £25 for 30 minutes or £50 for 60 minutes. Book via email here.