Meet some of my students…


Ishtar has really inspired me and giving me confidence to perform and develop myself as a dancer, always encouraging me to get the best out of myself and explore different styles to find out what suits me best.

Her classes offer a relax and supportive environment to learn, grow and develop long lasting friendships.

Frances Van Klaveren, Surrey


Her advice is timeless and will really develop your dancing.

Rose Barter, Wales




Ishtar is the most fabulous and inspiring dance teacher I’ve ever met. I have grown so much in confidence and learnt the most amazing choreography’s. Even when I’ve had a tough day and might not feel up to a class I come away energized and re-vitalized and so keen to learn more and do my best.

I would highly recommend Ishtar’s teaching skills and classes, you won’t regret it – Ishtar will show you that there is a dancer in us all!

Kathy Moriarty, Hampshire

Ishtar is such a generous teacher, I love her style.

Lisa Collins, Ireland




Ishtar’s passion for dance is infectious. The supportive, inclusive environment she creates for her students is like a warm embrace for the whole community.

You need go no further than Ishtar’s students to witness her dedication to sharing and teaching dance.

Nuxya Ne, London

I never thanked Ishtar enough for helping me growing as a dancer. Her classes are fun and relaxing at the same time, especially after a day of hard work. There’s no pressure at all, but you also have the opportunity to push yourself to the next level if you wish.

That’s why I took 1-2-1 lessons with her, which helped me deal with my weaknesses and lack of self-confidence. My posture has improved a lot, not only when dancing, improving my body image. Thanks to her help and support, I also found the courage to perform.

Sonja Beccaceci, Italy

What I like best about Ishtar’s lessons is the incredible variety of learning – from choreographies to drilling basic movements then layering techniques, and yet always keeping her class fun and relaxed.

Over the years I’ve taken variety type of her courses. Each course provides a different object and benefit. She brings something new all the time that encourages me to practice more and keep going. Learning dancing from Ishtar has been an amazing experience. She is a very talented dancer with a lovely personality I highly recommend her lessons to anyone.

Yoshiko Nakayama, Hampshire

Since joining Ishtar’s class a few years ago my confidence as a dancer has been boosted.  

Learning from such a multi-talented, knowledgeable teacher has inspired me to challenge myself more. 

Her classes are always a pleasure and, most of all, FUN! 

Jan Marriner, London

If you want to learn great technique then look no further.

I have danced with many teachers and for me her style and teaching is second to non.

Sharon Lee, Turkey



I’ve known Ishtar for a long time, having taken workshops with her and sharing the stage with as a member of Johara Dance Company. Ishtar is a fantastic performer, full of personality on stage and is a generous teacher.

Her regular Hafla at the Hall is a very welcoming environment for dancers of all levels and Ishtar is a gracious host. I’d recommend Ishtar as a teacher and performer, not only because I class her as a friend, but also because she is so fabulous at what she does.

Jemma Molloy, London

Ishtar is a charismatic teacher. Her classes are well structured and full of content.

You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended.

Kay Taylor, Sunderland



Had a couple of her workshops and really enjoyed it a lot.

I can highly recommend any of her classes, they’re friendly and she is incredibly dedicated to her students!


Itsumi Suganuma, London


I can’t begin to explain how much my dancing has improved…

Not only is she a fabulous teacher but she explains the technique in a way that makes it easier to understand.

Jean Preston, Hampshire


I’d have no hesitation in recommending Ishtar as a teacher, being a very accomplished dancer and a natural and exciting performer.

I’ve seen at first hand how her enthusiasm and love of dance overflows to her students and have heard nothing but good things about her teaching.

Christine Chatfield, London

Ishtar is a warm, fun teacher and with her patience and expertise she encourages your potential, as well as builds confidence and dance techniques.  Couldn’t recommend enough as she has always made me smile after class and feel great about myself and my dancing.

Anita Burkin, Surrey