Divine Feminine Embodiment

At the heart of many dance forms is the celebration of the sacred feminine. From Indian temple dances to Bellydance, movement has always been a way for women to connect with their bodies as well as the divine, whilst also offering a way of self-expression that is healing, powerful and beautiful at the same time.

Dance and movement to beats and rhythms has always been part of human life. In the womb we hear the heartbeat of our mothers, and once we are born, we’re exposed to other rhythms and beats all around us, because everything has a beat, and energy, and everything around us dances.

Movement is in its basic form life itself. When we stop moving, our bodies start deteriorating. We are born to move, and even a simple breath moves our body, and the more we move our bodies, the deeper our breath becomes and we feel more alive. Life and movement is interlinked.

“Movements have been our teachers and our source of inspiration, reflecting back the nature of who we are. Science may have explanations, religion may have dogmas, but the truth is we still don’t know why the universe began to dance.

Our ancestors danced till they disappeared in the dance, till they felt the full force of spirit unleashing their souls,” Gabrielle Roth, founder of the Five Rhythms Movement Practice.

Because dance is powerful and allows us to connect deeply to ourselves, our purpose and our own healing, as well as offering a direct connection the Universe/the Divine (or whatever you would like to call it), it was repressed and banned for many centuries of patriarchal culture. It was, and still to some extend is, considered immoral, dangerous and wrong, which has led to a partial disconnect from our own body and true nature. It is perhaps not surprising that we live in a society where obesity and mental health issues are reaching crisis levels all across the world.

Yet dance and information about how to use it in a safe way has never been more accessible. There are many ways that you can tap into this ancient modality of authentic movement to lift your energy physically as well as mentally.

Dance is at its core a form of meditation. It requires a great deal of focus and concentration and it can be a deeply spiritual experience for those practicing it. By connecting with your body and being fully in the moment, you are able to tap into a source of power and strength that can be highly transformative.


“When I dance

I cannot judge

I cannot hate

I cannot separate myself from life

I can only be joyful and whole

That is why I dance,” Hans Bos.


Starting your sacred feminine exploration

There are many different ways to start exploring movement to music for personal empowerment.

You may have heard of Goddess Dance, 5Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Intuitive Dance, Chakra Dance or even Transformative Dance. They are all slightly different paths to the same destination and it is important to pick the modality that resonates with you the most.  You may also find that the more you start discovering and working with movement and dance, that you want to dive deeper in a specific area or try totally different avenues.

I offer weekly Bellydance classes in Weybridge, Farnborough as well as online catering from beginners to advanced levels. My Dance Development Programs use a lot of different techniques but are mainly aimed at body connection, mindfulness, mindset and performance. Read more here.

If you would rather work on the healing aspects then my Chakra & Energy Healing Dance workshops and courses may be better suited for you. You can find our more here.


Workshops, private lessons and talks can also be arranged.

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