Belly Dance, Bollywood, Latin and Fusion Styles

WorkshopsDancing has allowed me to travel the world and I still teach workshops nationally as well as internationally.

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I’m known for my generous and warm teaching style and have taught a wide variety of topics (technique as well as choreography), but am also happy to create bespoke workshops in any of my fields of expertise.

Please see below for some of my most popular workshop topics as well as feedback from participants.

My workshops vary in length and can usually be adjusted to fit your schedule. However, please allow a minimum of 2-3 hours for each topic.

All workshops can be taught in:

English, German and Danish.

Belly Dance Charleston (improver/advanced)

The 1920s where steeped in Egyptomania and this was also reflected in their dancing. In this choreography history will come full circle and you will learn a fun, fast and flirtatious Belly Dance Charleston fusion – melting the best of the 1920s moves including kicks, flicks and of course shimmies, with belly dance technique to create a show stopping number.

‘Ishtar is such a generous teacher, I love her style,” Lisa Collins, Ireland

Belly Dance Jive Fusion (improver/advanced)

Strap on your best dance shoes and get ready to learn to jive belly dance style! We will draw on some of the basic moves from the Ballroom Swing Dance, which originated in the 1930s. So expect lots of knee lifts and hip action infused with pure belly dance technique. It’ll be happy and bouncy, and leave you with lots of quirky moves and combinations which you can use to spice up your own choreographies afterwards.


Beautiful Baladi (open level)

Learn a strong, juicy yet cute baladi choreography, and brush up on your earthy Egyptian dance technique. We’ll use traditional as well as unexpected combinations to explore this sensual dance, and work on those all important fluid arms and hips, teamed with powerful accents. By also adding some authentic Cairo flourishes, we will build this beautiful baladi that will capture both the attention and the hearts of your audience.

“Her advice is timeless and will really develop your dancing,” Rose Barter, Wales

Building your Baladi (intermediate/advanced)

Learn how to create your own baladi with confidence, and explore arm postions and patters, hip combinations and Egyptian styling, which you can use to suit your own interpretation of this earthy and sensual dance.  We’ll explore traditional as well as unexpected combos, and work on those all important powerful hips and accents. Add a pinch of Cairo flourish, and you will be well on your way to make your baladi breathtakingly beautiful.


Cheeky Saidi (open level)

Egyptian Saidi is upbeat, fun and full of energy, so no wonder that its always a huge hit with the audience. In this workshop you will learn a bouncy folkloric dance, which will challenge your hip, foot and cane work! As always with a bit of Ishtar’s cheekiness thrown in. Please bring a Saidi cane.

“You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended,” Kay Taylor, Sunderland

Dance like Tahia (open level)

The golden age of Egyptian cinema created some of the most wonderful dancers including the gorgeous Tahia Carioca. In this workshop you will learn a cute and elegant veil choreography based on the wonderful Tahia Cariocas signature moves, with a bit of Samia Gamal flirtation thrown in for good measure. So get ready to live out your inner screen goddess and shimmy with joy! Please bring a dance veil.

Fabulous Modern Oriental (intermediate/advanced)

This show stopping choreography allows you to add your own personal style, yet is unmistakably modern in its format. Immerse yourself in the earthiness of the baladi and playfulness of a drum solo before discovering contemporary Egyptian moves. This Oriental creation simply has it all and will leave you with plenty of technique and combinations to be used across various belly dance styles.

“I have grown so much in confidence and have learnt the most amazing choreography’s,” Kathy Moriarty, Hampshire.

Jazz up your Belly Dance (improver/advanced)

Live out your inner flapper girl in this homage to the musical ‘Chicago’. We’ll incorporate the best of jazz into your Belly Dance and let beautiful lines, unexpected changes of direction and step combinations add a show stopping flair to our ‘All that Jazz’ choreography. It’ll be fab, fun, and leave you with lots of quirky moves and combinations, which you can use to spice up your own dances afterwards.


Present Your Case – stage presence and performance skills (improver/advanced)

Take your dance to the heart of your audience. In this technique workshop we will aim to engage our own inner actress to help convey the emotions of our dance. We will use our feet, hips, arms and eyes, as a way to reach out to your audience. Get ready to improve you stage presence through these techniques and take your first steps on a journey towards being in charge of the space around you, and channel your energy with confidence towards the audience.

“Learning from such a multi-talented, knowledgeable teacher has inspired me to challenge myself more,” Jan Marriner, London

img_4227Samba Drum Solo (intermediate/advanced)

Challenge yourself with a fun and fabulous drum solo choreography full of pops, locks and unexpected moves. Get ready to team the sassy feel of the Brazilian Samba and the cheeky carnival atmosphere, with the strength and earthiness of Egypt dance. This routine will bring a smile to your lips, and sweat drops to your temples.


Samia Secrets (intermediate/advanced)

Samia Gamal was one of the greatest Egyptian dancers from the Golden Age, and her cute innocent style and flirtatious style was her unmistaken trademark. Learn some of her iconic moves, and the balletic elegance that made her Egypt most loved Belly Dancer.

Vintage Veil (improver/intermediate)

A dramatic yet fun choreography that explores the grace and glamour of the Golden Age of Egyptian dance as displayed on film. Bring out your inner screen goddess and learn how to make your veil float effortlessly and to the full effect with some great tricks and signature moved of some of Egypt’s most famous dancers.


Vintage VavaVoom (open level)

The golden age of Egyptian cinema featured some of the most wonderful dancers, who each developed their own signature style, moves and step patterns. In this vintage inspired choreography we will explore the sweetness of Samia Gamal and the temptation of Tahia Carioca and combine all the best moves from the vintage era into a dramatic and show stopping choreography.