Do you ever wonder why we dance? How we communicate through dance and how it challenges our brains as well as our bodies? Having worked with dance on many different levels including performing, teaching and in a health setting, I find all these questions highly interesting and I was delighted when I discovered some talks […]

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Being active has long been recognised to lower stress levels, but did you know that dancing can be one of the most effective stress therapies? Alongside my dancing I also work as personal development and transitions coach, and the main reasons people come to me is stress related. When we get stressed we often disconnect […]

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Ever feel stuck when having to improvise and make stuff up on the spot? Always feel you resort to the same old combinations and moves? Then check out this essential improvisations tip that will help you develop exciting combinations, create completely new ones and not least take the fear (hopefully) out of having to dance […]

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Whether your hips are tight from a lot of dancing, other exercise or even just sitting down, stretching the outer hip can be tricky without adding to much strain on other joints especially the knee. So today I want to share one of my favourite gentle outer hip stretches, which can be a great alternative […]

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Every week in class I give my students the option of homework, but I know all to well that most won’t be able to set aside large chunks of time to work on their technique or polish their performance. So how do you manage to get your training fitted in between work, family, friends, housework […]

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As I’m writing this my Christmas and New Year plans are still uncertain – but then I guess that was the theme for the year now nearly gone. One thing is for certain, dance is what has kept me going throughout 2020, even if the majority of it has been online. And as things stand […]

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What a crazy year 2020 has proven to be! Just as I was hoping to return to teaching physical classes and workshops in some of my regular venues, obstacles seem to come in the way and the return, that I think so many are impatiently waiting for, has been delayed. But life goes on, so […]

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I’m very excited to be launching my brand new series of pre-recorded courses on my website. You may know that I’ve previously taught online courses with both pre-recorded and live elements to experienced students, but this is the first time I’ll be opening this up to beginners too – first with a Belly Dance Basics […]

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