My Advance Your Dance classes take place at the River Bourne Health Club in Chertsey. We dance in the lovely bright and mirrored first floor studio, which has sprung floors and air con.

Each class is taught as a stand alone workshop, but as we proceed through the course we may use elements from previous classes. Each session will consists of a core strengthening warm up, dance stretches, isolations and technique drills, which will all be combined into a choreography at the end.

The address is: Heriot Rd, Chertsey, KT16 9DR

There’s a big council run car park right next to the health club, and it should be free to park on Sundays (but please do check on arrival in case this should have changed).

Let the girls on reception know that you’re there for my class and they will let you in to the cafe area, where I will meet everyone before proceeding to the studio upstairs.

Should you be running late, ask the receptionists on how to find us.

There is no water fountain in the studio, so please bring a bottle of water with you.