Want to get better at controlling, layering and not least enjoying shimmies whether done on your hips, shoulders or diaphragm? Then join me for my new Shimmies A-Z programme  aimed at helping you tame your shimmies, building your endurance and not least learn all many different types of shimmies that you can use to enhance your dancing.

For only £1.50 a day you’ll have a daily belly dance class to help you build and expand your technique as well as motivate you to develop and incorporate a daily practise schedule, which is the cornerstone in any dance development.

Take you shimmies to the next level

What will I learn?

This a 30 day programme designed to help you create a daily practise schedule and routine that will also improve other aspects of your dance development. It breaks down the technique for various shimmies, shows you how to layer and develop them, has tips and tricks to help you learn and alongside all of this it gives you the all important daily drills that will help grow your technique in an easy and accessible way.

Being online you can of course access and enjoy the course when ever you like and for as long as you like.

Here is a preview of some of the technique and drills that we’ll be covering:

How does it work?

The course is accessible through an online learning portal which means you get access to the entire course in one go, but it’s divided into daily chunks of practise – structured in a way that will help you build your strength, technique and coordination. You can go back and repeat exercises or once through the programme, you can pick which elements you would like to go back and repeat. It’s intended as a daily practise companion, and will hopefully help develop your dancing in many months to come.

If you did my previous September Shimmy Challenge you will know what kind of classes, tips and drills to expect. But even more content has been added to make this a more comprehensive shimmies programme.

For £1.50 a day you get a whole month worth of dance classes, which are created in such a way that they can enrich your dance development and learning for many months to come.

Take you shimmies to the next level