What’s your biggest dance fear?

Feeling out of your depth in a class or workshop? Fear of improvising? Stage fright?

You are not alone. In fact I’ve had to overcome many of those fears myself, and have ever since tried to share my knowledge and experiences with my many students.

Even the most confident women can encounter a dance fear, or any other fear for that matter, whether it’s performing, be it in class or in a professional stage production, improvising or trying another dance teacher or style. Anything that brings you out of your comfort zone really.

“Ishtar helped me deal with my lack of self-confidence. My posture has improved a lot, not only when dancing, improving my body image. Thanks to her help and support, I also found the courage to perform,” Sonja Beccaceci, Italy

Remember, dancing should be fun, liberating and bring a big smile to your face. So if certain parts don’t, then it’s simply a sign that there’s something more rewarding and exciting on the other side of that hurdle or block that you’re facing.

What’s the best way to overcome your fear? It depends on you and where you are on your dance journey. There are many great resources on the internet, but nothing beats a personal coaching plan to move you out of your fear and into a place of control and confidence. Don’t just take my word for it, check out what my students say about my teaching here.

I offer bespoke one-2-one sessions doing just that, and my personal coaching programme, which takes you through 5 hours of tailor made teaching, will help you break through those blocks holding you back, so you can truly enjoy and explore your dance potential.

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Happy dancing – always…