Autumn online workshops

Taught via Zoom these 2 hour choreography workshops will focus on technique, flow and performance skills.

They will be fast paced but also recorded, so you can access them afterwards to aid your own learning and keep developing and building on what you already achieved during the live session.

Questions are encouraged and we will also take time out to share insights and background material.

Price per workshop: £16 or book all 3 for £40.

See bellow for more details on each workshop.


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Shik Shak Shok

Style: Egyptian Belly dance

Level: improver to advanced students of belly dance

Date: Saturday 31 October 10am-12noon UK time

Explore technique, improvisational development and Egyptian technique to build a full performance routine to this iconic tune. The teaching will be differentiated and various levels added so you can keep learning and pushing yourself to get the most out of the rich musical landscape of this song. Do bring lots of energy and your cheeky side for this fun, flirtatious yet powerful and strong routine.


Greatest Show is Me

Style: Theatrical Fusion

Level: intermediate to advanced students of dance

Date: Saturday 7 November 10am-12noon. UK time.

Learn a fast and technically rich choreography to a medley of ‘The Greatest Show’ and ‘This is me’ from The Greatest Showman movie. We will draw on moves and dance technique from various genres including jazz, commercial and belly dance. Intermediate as well as advanced options of moves will be offered throughout to allow you to build on and develop this routine depending on your existing dance experience across the various dance genres. Expect lots of drama, expression and bit of Saidi!


Feeling Good

Style: Jazz Fusion

Level: improver to intermediate students of dance

Date: 28 November 10am-12noon, UK time.

Learn a sultry and powerful jazz influenced choreography to Michael Bubble’s interpretation of the all time classic ‘Feeling Good’. Expect lots of fabulous jazz lines, a bit of improvisation and a whole lot of umph! We will be mixing contemporary, belly dance and jazz technique to create a show stopping and strong routine. There will be a fair amount of turns and spins in this choreography and although alternative moves are offered, please do consider whether this is suitable for you before booking.

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