Gentle outer hip stretch

By Ishtar Dance on Friday, October, 1st, 2021 in Learning, Your Dance Body 2 Comments

Whether your hips are tight from a lot of dancing, other exercise or even just sitting down, stretching the outer hip can be tricky without adding to much strain on other joints especially the knee. So today I want to share one of my favourite gentle outer hip stretches, which can be a great alternative to the ‘no 4’ or ‘pigeon’ stretch, especially if you want to be more gentle on those knees.

But as with all stretches – you need to listen to your body and go with what feels best.


Please remember this stretch is meant to be applied gently, so make sure to take your time getting in and out of this pose, and hold it for a minimum of 20-30 seconds. If it doesn’t feel (or even looks) right to you please stop immediately and contact a health care specialist such as a physiotherapist, osteopath or similar, who can help find a better suited stretch for you.

Happy and gentle stretching always…


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2 responses to “Gentle outer hip stretch”

  1. linda phillips says:

    Thankyou so much, I haven’t felt like dancing lately and I’ve had very painful hips, will definitely try this exercise.

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