How to advance your 3 step turns

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A turn over three steps is part of any dancers basic technique, and I’ve also published a short video on this, which you can view here. But they can also easily be advanced by adding accents and unexpected directional changes, which will help you to add surprise and new dynamics to your choreography and performances. I’ve therefore put a short video together going over the technique for advancing your 3 step turns, which you can view on my YouTube channel here. I realise I haven’t added any fancy arms on to the turns in this video, so a follow up will be added soon!

There are of course many other types of turns and spins, and I’m looking forward to covering those in my future videos. Make sure you’ve signed up to my emails to get them delivered straight to your inbox.

I’m honoured to have been asked to produce this video as part of a bigger series on ‘good bellydance technique’ for JWAAD bellydance training. You will therefore also be able to see it and many more videos  on the JWAAD training YouTube channel.

I hope you find the video useful, and if you have anything to add, such as teaching it to beginner and improver students, please leave a comment below so we can keep the knowledge sharing going and encourage good quality and beautiful dancing.

Happy turning and dancing – always!



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