Bring on the Shimmies!

Inspired by the choreographies I’m teaching this term, I’ve launching my first ever shimmy challenge and super excited about all those who signed up and have joined me for a month of online shimmy practise, technique development and of course fun!

Registration has now closed but new online courses will start in October. You can pre-register or simply find out more by signing up to my seasonal newsletter here.

About the Shimmy Challenge

The September Shimmy Challenge is aimed at those who’d like to work on their shimmy technique as well as endurance, and perhaps also start developing a regular dance practise at home.

I know all too well how difficult it can be to find time to work on specific moves and technique, but there is nothing like it to really help you get to grips with it and elevate your dancing.

So I’ve decided that what may be a cold month and the beginning of autumn, is also perfect for building up shimmy stamina and perfecting layering it on moves.

Participants will need a minimum of 2-3 minutes a day to start with, but it will build up and hopefully we’ll master a strong and consistent shimmy by the end of the challenge which runs 8-22 September. There will also so be additional support and motivation for the dedicated dancers that would like to continue the challenge until the end of the month!

Read more about the September Shimmy Challenge here.


Online course

From October 2019 I will be launching some brand new online courses following my successful Advance Your Dance bootcamps.

You can pre-register your interest here to ensure you’re the first to hear about all the new dates and online learning options.


Free online classes

Feel free to dive into my wide range of online belly dance tutorials on my YouTube channel here.