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Want to improve your shimmies? Hoping to shimmy yourself back into shape after the summer break? Struggling to find the flow and consistency in your shimmies? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to actually get the practise into your daily life in order to perfect your technique?

Welcome to the September Shimmy Challenge 2019!

Registration has now closed but you can sign up to my Seasonal Newsletter find out about other ways to learn with me online.

It will start 8 September and run until 22 September, but dedicated dancer can keep it going until the end of the month with addition drills and practises added if they wish.

The shimmy challenge is inspired by my students questions and feedback as well as my own experiences and observations. I know how difficult it can be to find the time to practise and not least do so consistently, yet there is nothing better than a good shimmy to bring a smile to your face and work those legs, so join me if you can!

This online challenge it aimed to help you work on your shimmies all the way through September, and will incorporate short videos and drills to help you do so in the best possible way and at a time that suits you. Expect to put everything from 3-10 minutes a side every day, depending on your schedule. I will feedback on comments and give as much input as possible, to ensure you gain the most from this.

This is also a big challenge for me, as I will be in the US for parts of this challenge, but I hope there will be sufficient wifi access on my tour to support you through it.

Who is this suitable for?

Everyone can join in this challenge, whether you’re new or a seasoned dancer with many years of experience. It will take you through the basics at the beginning but quickly develop to challenge more advanced dancers. The content will be there for you to return to as any times as you like over the coming months, so even if you don’t master some of the elements by the end, you can always return to certain segments in order to perfect them.

Why join the challenge?

You may want advice on technique, support and motivation, accountability through the challenge or fellow dancers. Or you may simply want to set yourself a goal of improving your dance and/or your daily practise routine, and the challenge can be a tool to help you on your way.

How will to work?

You will need to register for the challenge which will run via a closed group on Facebook. You will receive daily reminders and content to help you with your shimmy technique, knowledge and practise. We will start slow and build up our shimmy muscles through various drills and routines, and will (hopefully!) finish with a strong and flawless shimmy technique at the end.

How is this different from previous shimmy challenges?

To be honest, I have never joined an online shimmy challenge before, but I have successfully taught class, courses and private lessons online for several years, and always aim to give my students as much content as possible, whilst making it work around their busy lives and schedules. I have students who study with me all over the world, and this challenge has been created to work for them, as well as dancers who have never learned online or attended one of my classes before.

Why do I need to sign up?

Because I need to send you a link to join the challenge as well as reminders, additional content and inspiration. Don’t worry – I will keep your email safe and only send you relevant information. You can always opt out of receiving emails from me, but if you do so before the end of the challenge, you may miss out on important dance content.

I look forward to shimmying with you soon and if you have any questions that I haven’t answered in my article above, please feel free to send me an email or use the ‘Contact’ page to do so.

Happy dancing always 😉


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