Clever Saidi cane technique

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Last week I shared a few tips on how to incorporate travelling steps and funky combinations to make your Saidi a bit more sassy, and this week I’m sharing some ideas on what cane technique you could layer it with.

This is not a definitive list, and only some rather basic suggestions, because often I feel dancers get stuck with ‘what to do with the cane’ other than twirl. Today’s tutorial therefore only has a very minimalist twirl in it!

I will share some more cane twirling tips soon, but if you follow the basic tips in the video, you really can’t go wrong with exploring your own variations, whether that means resting the cane on your shoulder or head, or even balancing it there.

Good cane technique is really all about staying in control of your cane and making it all look effortless easy to do, but as any one new to dancing with props will know, it’s hard work to achieve this initially.

A little word of warning – please make sure you master the basic technique first, especially before you start twirling your cane. Low hanging ceiling lights and sweaty palms… I won’t say any more!

View my Cane technique video here.

Incase you missed last week’s video, which forms the basis of the step combination, you can view it here.

I hope this video will help you improve your own technique, inspire you to develop your own signature combinations or teach it to others. If you found this useful, please feel free to leave me a comment below, so I know how you’re getting on. You can also share your own experiences of learning or teaching Saidi.

Let’s keep the knowledge sharing going, and encourage beautiful and safe dancing.

Happy dancing ?


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