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When I recently ran my first online Advance Your Dance Course, there were a few exercises that really seemed to help my students perfect and control their moves, so I’ve decided to share one them here, so you too can incorporate it into your dance training.

The word drill might put a few people off, but repetition is needed to build strength, condition muscles and get moves into your ‘muscles memory’. But at the same time a word of caution; repetition doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it certainly makes permanent. So do make sure you maintain the right posture throughout this exercise, and if it doesn’t feel right, then please don’t continue, but get some feedback from your regular teacher or other trusted dance or movement expert.

When I refer to Omi’s I mean a broken or Latin hip circles. You should have familiarised yourself with the basic technique first before you move on to this drill.

You can view my video on Basic Technique for Omi’s here.

A bit of context:

  • Once you’ve got the basics you can move on to this drill.
  • Because it’s taken from my Advance Your Dance online programme, I may proceed quick or refer to elements already covered, but please take it at your own pace.
  • Do ensure you warm up and perform a posture check before commencing this exercise.
  • The drill can be used to develop an omi shimmy, which I don’t do fully in the video.
  • You can use different muscles to create the omi, including the obliques, which I refer to.

Have fun playing around with this drill to perfect your technique, but also develop a better understanding of the move, which in return will help you advance it with layering, travelling etc.

You can view the Advanced Omi Drill here.

If you find this drill helpful, please leave me a comment below to let me know what has worked for you, how you will be using it in your dance practise, or perhaps how you will customise it to use it in your own dance teaching.

Happy and safe dancing, always…



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