How to advance your hagalla

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The Egyptian Walk, or Hagalla, is a wonderfully versatile move, so even though it’s notoriously difficult to master, it’s so worth getting the basics right, so you can play around and advance the move later on.

See how to nail the basic technique for a Hagalla here.

Today I want to share some tips and ideas on how to develop your Egyptian Walk into some funky and useful variations, whether done on the spot or travelling. You can see the video here. But do make sure you have the basic technique in your muscle memory before trying to get too cleaver with advancing your hagalla, as your posture and quality of movement will suffer as a result.

For a long time this was my ‘if I go blank move’; meaning the move I would resort to if I would ever go blank during an improvisation. I love it because if done right , it looks great in a drum solo, Oriental, Saidi, Baladi – you name it. From fast to slow, down to up, done with a limp or simply used to get you from A to B, this is a fantastic move that you should never stop exploring.

In the video I go through a handful of ways to advance your hagalla, but there are countless other ways of doing it, so consider this a way to get your creativity flowing when it comes to discovering your favourite Egyptian Walk.

If you like polishing off your technique and exploring new ways of developing your moves, then you may also be interested in my Advance Your Dance Online Course. You can read more about it here.

I always bang on about posture and I will just mention it again, in case you should have forgotten how important it is to creating the move, but also keeping your body safe! If you do go off and develop your own signature Hagalla, do make sure your back doesn’t suffer, so you can show it and teach it with confidence in many years to come.

I hope you found this use full and if nothing else, keep exploring how to travel and add arms to your Egyptian Walk. Please leave a comment below if you have anything to add from variations, ways of teaching them or your most favourite Hagalla of all times!

Happy and safe dancing 🙂


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