How to control your taqs

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The taq is a basic bellydance move with many names; hip lock up, snap, hip snap, bump etc. The technique for this can really help you add variety, complexity and nuances to your dancing, but done wrongly it can cause a lot of strain on your knees and also lead to injuries. Even experienced dancers can be guilty of slacking on the technique for this move, but it’s really essential to get the basics right, and develop your strength, so you can develop it further.

To help you review the basics I’ve created a short instructional video, which will take you through the muscle isolations, and development for travelling and layering with arms.

You can view the video here.

The video is part of a bigger series that I’m compile for JWAAD bellydance training. You will therefore also be able to see it and more videos on bellydance technique on the JWAAD training YouTube channel here.

I’ve also started creating bespoke videos, such as on arm technique, which I’m currently only sharing through my Facebook group: Bellydance Mastermind Network. It’s open to all bellydancers who are committed to learning and developing, not only their dancing, but also teaching, business and marketing skills. Come join if you’d like to contribute to the conversations.

I hope you enjoy the video and as always, take care when practising. Ensure you’ve warmed up and are applying the right posture. You muscle may ache when drilling this, but it should never hurt, and if you think this move may not be suitable for you, then do check with your GP or other health care professional first.

Please let me know how you are getting on and if you have anything to add, such as ideas for developing the move, using it in combinations, or your favourite arm and step patterns for this. Do leave a comment below so we can keep the knowledge sharing going and encourage good and safe bellydancing.

Happy dancing and drilling ?



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