How to do a basic shifting hip circle

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When you first start dancing a shifting hip circle is probably one of the first moves you’ll learn. I always start with this move, because it really helps to bring awareness into the hips, core and feet, and even when you’ve done millions of them, there is still room for tweaking and perfecting.

Even advanced dancers need to go back to basics regularly. Not only to perfect their technique, but also to discover new ways to combine, advance and develop moves. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine when it comes to basics. Injuries or a muscle weakness can also mean someone finishes their hip circles (or other moves) in a certain way. When was the last time you really paid attention to the entire move, and the transition into the next?

Check out my video tutorial here.

I hope you can take lots away from my tutorial even if you have been dancing for a while. Maybe a new way to think about hip circles or teaching them to others?

A tip that I didn’t mention in the video: try doing the move with your eyes closed (but only if you have good balance and know what you’re doing with your hips!). It’s a great body awareness tool, a way to centre yourself, but also to really feel the move and all its potential (if you’re an experienced dancer, you’ll probably know what I mean).

I hope you enjoy exploring the humble, basic hip circle. If you did, please share and leave me a comment below so I know how you’re getting on. Let’s keep the knowledge sharing going so we can encourage good and safe belly dancing.

Happy dancing, and exploring 😉


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