How to do a Saidi Sidestep

By Ishtar Dance on Tuesday, September, 11th, 2018 in Dance Coaching, Dance Inspiration, Learning No Comments

The Rik, also known as a Saidi Sidestep or simply Sidestep, is a key move across various styles of dance, and it can easily be tweaked to suit everything from a Charleston to an Egyptian folklore dance (hence the name). It’s quite a simple step, but especially because of that, many miss the basics which are mainly about posture and body positioning.

I’ve therefore created this short video tutorial, which breaks down the basic technique.

If you’re an experienced dance, you can look forward to another video following up this move shortly, which will show more advanced accents and variations. You may also want to check out my new Advance Your Dance Online course, which covers more advance technique and personal dance development. I’m offering a free taster session on Sunday 16 September, but you need to register before the 15 September in order to take part.

View the Sidestep video here.

The tutorial is part of my free dance technique series, which is also added to the JWAAD Belly Dance Training YouTube channel.

If you find it useful, please leave me a comment below, and feel free to also share your own tips, experiences or variation that you think might help fellow dancers to add some beautiful ‘sidestepping’ to their dance routines.

Happy dancing 🙂


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