How to roll and control your standard vertical 8s

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A vertical figure of 8 is a wonderfully versatile dance move, which easily can be switched to change direction, and used for melting moves together and travelling. Yet many dancers seem to forget the basics of vertical 8s, especially when they reach a certain level, and the move then loses definition and morphs into others.

As always, you need to get the basics right in order to explore the many variations, and this move in particular is great for drilling, as it helps you train and maintain your core strength in a fun way.

I’ve therefore created a short video breaking down the technique required for a standard vertical figure of 8.

You can watch the video here.

I’ve also created a training video on a vertical figure of 8 going down, also also known as a Maya, which you can watch here.

Whether you’re an experienced dancer, or a beginner, you can use these videos as a regular drill exercise, as learning and maintaining the basic technique is key to excellent dancing no matter what level you’re at. Try to practise when you have a few minutes to spare, for example when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. This is often much more effective than trying to set aside a longer stretch of time for training. You’ll be amazed what a difference ‘little but often’ will make to your overall core strength and posture, as well as your technique.

The video is part of a bigger series on ‘good bellydance technique’ that I’ve been asked to help compile for JWAAD bellydance training. You will therefore also be able to see it and many more videos  on the JWAAD training YouTube channel.

I hope you find it useful, and if you have anything to add, such as ideas for visualising the move when teaching it to beginner and improver students, adding arms or your favourite variations, please leave a comment below, so we can keep the knowledge sharing going and encourage good quality, safe and beautiful dancing.

Happy rolling and controlling your standard vertical figures of 8 🙂


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