How to rumba in belly dance

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Middle Eastern music has plethora of wonderful rhythms that allows you to be really creative and expressive in your dancing – not to mention the many exciting ways you can approach this from a choreography point of view. As your knowledge of the music and dance expands you’ll become more familiar and comfortable maximising this wealth of choice at your feet [literally]. But sometimes existing knowledge can also become a stumbling block, because it makes your doubt your usual approach. This is really a good thing because that is what can help grow you as a dancer, performer and teacher.

As a former Ballroom and Latin dancer I was very excited when I discovered that the Rumba rhythm often is used in Egyptian music. But how should I then approach this – from a Belly dance or a Latin point of view? Well, both are equally valid and knowing both gives you more options to play with. So I’ve created this quick mini-tutorial exploring the rumba rhythm from a Latin as well as Belly dance technique background.

I hope you found this useful and that it will have given you some new inspiration for how to approach this in your dancing, whether it be on stage or in a class context.

Do let me know how you got along and whether there’s anything else you’d like me to focus on in future tutorials.

Happy, creative and safe dancing – always 😉


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