How to travel with basic twists

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Travelling with basic twists is done across various dance styles, but it’s also a very iconic belly dance move favoured by many well-known dancers. Once you’ve got the basics right, starting to travel sideways, in circles and pivoting is a great way to get some variation into your dancing, as well as showing different angles of your lovely twisting hips. There are also endless ways of advancing these even further for the more experienced dancers (think shimmies, level changes, taqs etc.).

In case you missed it, here’s how to perfect the basic twist.

As I always mention, please be mindful of your own posture throughout, to ensure you stay tucked under and don’t take larger steps than suitable for your frame. If you have any knee issues or are recovering from injuries, do keep in mind that any twisting of the hips will translate into twisting of the knee and ankles. Know your own limitations and remember, dancing should be fun and never hurt.

A great way to protect yous knees is to keep the muscles around it strong. You can check out my article on one simple exercise that will help you with that here.

With all that in mind – have fun travelling with your twists.

I’ve kept the tutorial quite simple, so please feel free to explore your own arms and variations to add to these travelling twists.

I’m also currently creating bespoke videos, such as on arm and camel technique, which I’m currently only sharing through my Facebook group: Bellydance Mastermind Network. It’s open to all bellydancers who are committed to learning and developing, not only their dancing, but also teaching, business and marketing skills. Come join if you’d like to contribute to the conversations.

Please let me know how you are getting on and if you have anything to add, such as ideas for developing the travelling twists or using it in combinations, please do leave a comment below, so we can keep the knowledge sharing going and encourage good and safe belly dancing.

Happy dancing and drilling ?


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