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There is nothing like people to ignite the fire in you and help you continue or discover your passion, as well keeping inspired. I’ve previously written about where to find inspiration, but it’s a topic that crops up again and again, as it can be tricky to keep coming up with new ideas and innovative choreographies, performances, costume designs etc.

You can read my article on How to find inspiration here.

So apart from finding an amazing teacher or going to workshops and networking events on a regular basis, which I always recommend no matter how long you’ve danced for, here are some of my favourite ideas for finding inspiration…


If you like inspirational quotes, then check out this gallery on my website, or follow me on instagram, where I’ve started sharing not only inspirational quotes, but also some insight into what they mean to me on a personal level.

Social media in general can offer lots of inspiration, but do be mindful that it can be easy to hide behind made up facts and credentials online, and not everything that you see may be what you necessarily want to or is safe to copy or re-create.


If you’re looking for music to inspire you and your next dance routine, then try one of the following to find something new:

  • Searching for top 10 Arabian songs on YouTube (but don’t forget to purchase your music to support the artists – if they don’t make money on it, there won’t be any music for us to dance to.
  • Look out for Bellydance Superstars albums – they are packed full of great tracks, and I still revisit some that I’ve had for many years, because I always find something new – despite technically ‘knowing them’ already.
  • Bespoke compilations made for belly dance, such as those sold by the Bellydance Boutique are always a better investment than random pop CDs, on which you may only find one or two suitable tracks.



If you’re looking for some costume inspiration, then I recently found a real gem that I simply have to share with the world. It’s a warehouse called Suite 109 and it sells dance (although not belly dance as such) and fancy dress costumes. I spotted several full skirts, Arabian looking gallabeyas (cover ups) and a thousand amazing costumes from roaring 20s to 1960s hippy. Best of all – it raises funds for charity and they also sell online. This is their Facebook page.

Where do you find inspiration? Leave a comment below and lets keep the knowledge sharing going.


I hope you have a lovely and inspirational week – full of beautiful dancing 🙂


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