The secret to beautiful hands

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Having effortless flowing and elegant looking hands and arms is something every dancers strives to have, but most will have to put the work in to achieve it. What looks simple and easy is often something that has been perfected over the years. And even those dancers, who seem to get it straight away, will often have to work at overcoming little bad habits such as “nervously rotating wrist syndrome” or “sticky out fingers”, which often show up under pressure. So what is the secrete to beautiful hands and lovely arm movement?

Many years of teaching and endless ways of trying to break down the technique has given me quite a good understanding of what dancers need to hear in order to achieve this. Everyone’s trigger words and imagery for getting that ‘aha moment’ is different, but I’ve tried to summarise it in a bespoke video, which isn’t publicly available on my YouTube channel. You can view it here.

You might also want to check out my Basic Technique for Beautiful Arms video, which lays the foundation for what I’m covering in the other video. This isn’t publicly available on my YouTube channel either, but you can view it here.

So whether you’re teaching and looking for new ways to convey the technique to your students, or trying to perfect your own arms and hands, and maybe develop your range too, I hope you find these videos useful. Do leave me a comment below to let me know how you’re getting on, whether you have any questions, or want to share your own secrets to beautiful hands and arms. By knowledge sharing we can hopefully help improve the beauty, enjoyment and public recognition of our wonderful art form.

Happy Dancing 🙂


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