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With the implementation of the new data laws it’s finally time to detox your inbox and only receive those emails that you really want. I’ve already contacted all my subscribers to remind them to update their preferences. Many tell me they simply haven’t gotten around to it yet, but please remember that I won’t be able to contact you after the 25 May, 2018, if you don’t ‘officially’ consent to it by reconfirming your subscription.

You can also use the form on my website here. If you’re already subscribing, simply enter your email, it will tell you that you’re already on the list and then offer you a link to follower to update your preferences, which is what is needed to comply with the new data regulation.

By subscribing to my newsletters you will automatically become an ‘Ishtar Dance Insider’ but there are also other ways, as you’ll see below. But why should you become one?


If you know me, you’ll also know that I’m passionate about dancing and not least developing and encouraging dancers to grow their skillset. The key to this is knowledge sharing, and I do that a lot by giving dancers not only free tools and inspiration, but also by offering spaces and communities which dancers can access when needed.

If you live near or around Surrey, UK, you can attend my live events, and there are a few planned for the latter half of 2018. More will be revealed soon, and I hope you’ll be able to join me. I haven’t hosted any live events, apart from workshops and classes, since august 2017, so I’m very excited to organise events this year that will give dancers, and those who love dance, the opportunity to come together to celebrate, learn, perform and not least network.

I also offer competitions and as something new I will also start offering scholarships, so if you’re after a dance freebie or discount, you may just be in luck. All the information including criteria and full terms and conditions will be published.

And finally, I’m working on an exciting new online project, which will be launched late summer/early autumn, enabling dancers from all over the world to gain access to my groundbreaking new courses.


Nothing beats seeing people face to face, whether in real life or via the internet, but following on from that – email is by far my most preferred way of communicating. But it’s not fail proof, as I’ve had several complaints that they end up in people’s spam mail. If that’s the case, then please add my email to your address book, or if you’re using outlook right click on my message and select Junk, and from there ‘never block from this sender’.

I mainly use my emails for seasonal and weekly updates. My seasonal newsletter covers news and  information about my dance course, class and workshop dates, events I may be hosting or attending, competitions, scholarships etc. I tend to send these every 2 months or so. My weekly email has inspiration from my blog. This can be everything from free dance and practise videos or articles on everything dance including nutrition, business and marketing advice as well as goal setting and personal development. You can sign up to them here.

I use Mailchimp to send my emails, and therefore always have a link in the footer of every email where people can update their subscription preferences or unsubscribe if they’re no longer loving the content. I know all too well that priorities and interests can changes and I don’t take it personal when people say goodbye, but I always hope our paths will cross again in the future if it’s meant to be 🙂

Social Media

I have several social media accounts where you can also follow me, but I can’t recommend them for staying up to date with my information, as algorithms mean only some followers will see them – some of the times. So if you really want to stay in the loop, then please do subscribe to either or both of my email newsletters, or visit my website on a regular basis where all the information also is available.

On Facebook I have however also started a Group called Bellydance Master Mind Network. It’s a network where everyone passionate about belly dance can share content and ask advice, and I aim to give input on a weekly basis, but other than that this is a forum for dancers to share and help one another. So please join, but do also use it by asking questions or replying to others in a helpful and constructive way. A network and community is only as good as the people using and contributing to it.

I also have a Facebook Page for my Dance Academy, where I publish information about my classes, workshops and courses, and on my ‘personal’ Facebook Page you can see updates from my website, events and workshops as well as personal insights.

My Instagram account is currently a bit abandoned, as my phone can’t handle the app. But I’m hoping to get that sorted soon, and this is the channel to follow if you want to see what I get up to behind the scenes. From attending non-dance events to fabric shopping for new costumes 🙂

I’m also on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, but admit that these aren’t updated nearly as frequent as the others.

So there you have it, several ways for you to stay in touch with me, become an Ishtar Dance Insider and not least get involved in my amazing community. I do hope you’ll use it….


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