3 powerful questions to ask before starting your new year planning

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As the new year is emerging just around the corner it’s time to review the one just gone, but before you enter planning mode do take 2 minutes to complete this powerful exercise that will set you up for a great year ahead. It’s a very simple and you can use it, no matter whether you’re a dancer or not, to make 2019 your best year ever.

Grab you notepad and reflect on the past 12 months by simply answering these 3 questions. Do follow your instinct when doing so, as it’s often the first thought that will be the one coming from your heart. Later on, you may want to change it, but leave that for your subconscious to deal with.

  1. Name one thing you’re really proud of having done in 2018?
  2. Name one mistake you made and the lessons you’ve learned from it.
  3. Name one limiting belief that you will let go off before 2019 arrives.

Add as much detail as you can, and feel free to share them below so others can find inspiration and comfort in the fact that everyone has their own battles to fight and lessons to learn. If you don’t feel you want to share it publicly, then you can message me directly, and I will share anonymously.

Whatever your mistakes this year, make sure you face them so you can work to avoid them in the future. Whatever your struggles, know that you are stronger than you think you are, and that there are brighter times ahead.

Final, let me thank you for reading and commenting on my updates in the year just gone. Time is becoming increasingly precious and I feel honoured and blessed that so many of you have messaged me either on social media, directly or left comments on the blog posts. I really appreciate it, and please do keep the feedback coming, as I’m writing and sharing so you can be the best you can be – whether that be in dance, business or life in general. After all, so many skills are transferable from dancing into the workplace, from discipline to planning and not least standing tall and confident, as if you were performing on stage!

Happy and confident dancing – always 😉


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