A shimmy drill to help your dance development

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Shimmies are one of those moves that many dancers think they master, until they have to either start laying them or maintain them for more than a few seconds. In order to help dancers improve and not least inspire them to develop a daily practise routine I launched my first free September Shimmy Challenge [2019] and the feedback was so great, so I decided to share parts of it with you here on my blog.

One of the drills that I included in the 22 day online programme was a technique I call the Shimmy Matrix. It’s designed to help you control and maintain a shimmy whilst pushing your hips away from the centre of your body – the place where most of us are comfortable and accustomed to shimmy. I decided to make it more ‘dance-like’ by adding arms, but it’s all really about keeping that strong and powerful shimmy going whilst layering on horizontal hip slides from side to side, front to back and on the diagonal. If you’d like to review some of this basic technique before diving into the shimmy matrix drill, then please check out my free online tutorials on YouTube.

The Shimmy Matrix drill is not publicly available on there but can only be accessed via this link.

Happy practising and if you’d like to find out how you can work online with me then check out my upcoming October Online courses.

Also, don’t forget to let me know how you get on, and if you’re a teacher of dance, please feel free to use this technique, but I’d be very grateful for the credit.

Happy shimmies always 😉


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