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You may already know that I am passionate about good and safe dance technique, so when I was asked to make some videos breaking down basic moves back in August last year, it didn’t take me long to get started. I have been sharing these video with you for nearly a year now, and looking back at them I realise some clearly have made a big difference, as they have been viewed a lot!

So here’s a list of my most popular technique videos, just in case you missed them the first time around. If what you ‘really want’ to learn, isn’t on this list, please message me below, and I will try to included when I’m heading back into the studio to record some more after my Summer break.

Undulations and Camels

Basic technique for beautiful arms

Basic technique for omi’s (broken hip circles)

Basic technique for Hagallas

Basic technique for vertical figures of 8s (Mayas)

Do let me know how you’re getting on, and don’t forget to let me know what you’d like to learn next.

Happy and safe dancing – always 😉


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