How to advance your Sidestep

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The Saidi Sidestep, also known as a Rik or simply Sidestep, is an essential move which can be used across various dance styles, including Egyptian Saidi. Although fairly simple, it can easily be advanced and elaborated upon to become an extremely useful travelling step.

Do make sure you get the basics rights. I’ve previously covered them in this short video tutorial. 

If you’re an experienced dance, you’re probably already using accents to spice up this move, but there are many ways to do this, and I’m sharing some of my favourites in this video on How to Advance your Sidestep. It’s all about using your ‘tags’ and ‘chonks’, so make sure you’ve got that technique nailed first.

Posture is as always extremely important, not only to make this look right, but also to keep you safe, so make sure you maintain the correct posture by staying tucked under 30% or so as well as avoid locking your knees.

I am not mentioning or covering arms, as there would be enough to do an entire video only on that, but do check out my video on Clever Cane Technique, to give you an idea of how you could use this in an advanced Saidi step combination with a stick.

The tutorial is part of my free dance technique series, which is also added to the JWAAD Belly Dance Training YouTube channel.

If you find it useful, please leave me a comment below, and feel free to also share your own tips, experiences or variation that you think might help fellow dancers to add some funky and inspiring ‘sidestepping’ to their dance routines.

Happy dancing ?


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