How to advance your taqs

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If you’ve been dancing for a while, I’m sure you’ve already developed gluts of steel and learned how to control you basic taq. Knowing how to develop the technique will really help you add nuances and variety to your dancing.

The move, also known as a hip lock up, hip snap, bump etc. is key not only for creating strong accents, but also to add layers to other belly dance moves. Eventually you’ll probably stop thinking about it as a taq, and simply as a way to add more oomph!

I’ve therefore created a short video explaining how to travel with taqs, layering it onto other moves, how to use it for accents and also inspiration for arms. You can view the video on my YouTube channel.

In case you missed my video covering the basic technique; view it here.

The video is part of a longer series on how to develop good and strong technique, which I’m helping create for JWAAD Belly Dance Training. You can check out their YouTube channel, which has plenty more technique videos here.

If you found this useful, either for your own dancing or your teaching, please leave me a comment below. Feel free to include suggestions on how to develop this further, how to teach it or your own favourite combinations and uses of the taq. Let’s keep the knowledge sharing going, and encourage beautiful and safe dancing.

Always happy dancing 🙂



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