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January is resolution time – and even if you don’t believe in those – it tends to be a time of reflection for most following the festive season, family gatherings and the move to a brand new year. So if you were to change just one thing – what would it be? Here are three suggestions that can help improve your dancing, your confidence and potentially also your waistline, and maybe one of these, if not all combined, will help you on your way to make 2020 your best year ever…

Re-think your posture

Good dance posture and confidence goes hand in hand. If you’re properly aligned you will move better, but also  you’ll stand taller and look better as well as more confident. So whether you enter the dance studio or the boardroom, good posture is essential. 

If you like working from your feet up, then check out my post on How to stay beautifully aligned when dancing – which obviously also works outside the dance studio.

Or, if you prefer to re-think your posture completely and work from your head down, then read my article on How to use your head to move better.


Work towards one SMART dance goal

Everyone’s dance journey is different. If you’ve just started out you may be wanting to nail the basic technique, if you’ve danced for a while you may want to get better at handling that stage fright. Which ever, decide what dance goal you want to achieve this year and make sure to make it a SMART one [specific, measurable, achiveable, realistic and time-bound].

Read my my best tips on how to set SMART dance goals that will make you succeed here.


Formalise your dance development 

Formalising your dance goals for 2020 – or maybe getting help uncovering which you should work on in the first place – can help you really make it happen. Accountability is the key ingredient that can help you make your plans reality, so sign up to a dance course with a friend, or book yourself onto that course for the entire length by pre-paying, so you’re sure you’ll make it out the door on those cold, dark January nights. 

If you’re a more experienced dancer, then a technique review is a great place to start, as it breaks down all the different moves as well as looks as dance flow, rhythm and phrasing. As a JWAAD Master Teacher I’m proud to help students discover their strengths, and help them re-focus on what they need to work on in order to get even better.

JWAAD is the only belly dance organisation that has formalised such a dance development programme on an international scale, so even if you don’t live close to me – chances are you will have a JWAAD teacher near by that may help. Please note – not all JWAAD teachers can help tailor you Dance Development programme, but there are also mentors that may be able to assist you on a 1-2-1 level.

Technique Reviews are currently only delivered in person, but you can work with me online if you want to make a start and don’t live near me or any other JWAAD Master Teachers. Read more here. 


Finally, if you like learning in your own time and when it suits you, then keep a look out for my new 2020 online courses, which will launch soon. If you’re on my mailing list you will be the first to know about dates, early bird discounts and more. You can register for my newsletters here


So what will change will you make this year to make it your best year of dancing yet? Let me know by using the comment box below.

Happy and inspired dancing – always 😉


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