What to pack for your dance travels

By Ishtar Dance on Monday, July, 2nd, 2018 in Dance Coaching, Dance Entrepreneur, Dance Inspiration 2 Comments

Whether you’re travelling to attend a workshop or planning on attending a dance festival or holiday, it’s essential to pack light, but also not miss a thing! I’ve witnessed several occasions where dancers turn up missing key items and it can really spoil the experience and cause unnecessary stress. The worst situation must undoubtedly be when you travel to take part in a competition or show, and the suitcase you packed it in doesn’t get delivered to the luggage belt when you get off the plane! So just as I always pack one bikini in my hand luggage when travelling on summer holiday, I also pack a lightweight costume in my hand luggage when flying off to attend dance events. 

However, one outfit won’t do and I love a list to help me remember to only take the essentials without forgetting anything crucial. Depending on the event you’re attending, the organiser may also provide a list of recommended items to take, such as your own reusable cup and bathing towels and slippers (for communal showers and toilets). Here are examples of what I normally take depending on the duration of the event.

1 day workshop

  • Travel tickets, booking confirmation, map/directions (some kind of back up to your phone where you may have these already just in case…) 
  • Phone/tablet for photos, notes, video etc.
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Dance shoes 
  • Change of outfit (if I wear my dance clothes I will always take clothes for going out afterwards)
  • Hip belt/scarf 
  • Prop if needed for workshop (+ spare if it’s finger cymbals or veil. I hate it if the elastic breaks half way through, or the veil shape is different that expected)
  • Wet wipes (bio degradable for freshening up afterwards)
  • Painkillers, plasters and disinfection wipes (just in case…)
  • Make up (for going out afterwards or group selfie)
  • Muslie or energy bar 

Festivals and dance holidays

For events lasting several days I pack in addition to the above the following:

  • Eye masque and earplugs (I never travel without!)
  • Reusable thermo mug (for refreshments in between workshops. Handy to have and better for the environment that single use ones)
  • Herbal tea bags (as the ones I prefer often aren’t available)
  • Swim suit (in case I get time to enjoy the pool or spa) 
  • Umbrella (to avoid getting soaked if outdoor walking is necessary at the venue) 
  • Performance costume (if there’s an end of show party – see comment above).
  • Emergency sowing kit and plenty of safety pins (as always…)
  • Spare dance shoes, hip belt and dance clothes
  • Items to sell (in second hand souk or after workshops)
  • Stage make up bag (better to have spare fake lashes in case the stage is bigger than expected!)
  • Waterproof bag and flip flops for communal showers
  • Dressing gown
  • Towels and toiletries 
  • ‘Normal clothes’ to wear over dance clothes or on their own, should there be time to wear them! 

What do you have on your essentials packing list? Any I haven’t mentioned above? Do let me know by leaving a comment below. I hope you have a happy, stress free time travelling and dancing this summer 🙂


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2 responses to “What to pack for your dance travels”

  1. Jane Delmer says:

    I agree with all those, although I’ve never taken a dressing gown with me! I would add charger for phone/iPad plus, if you’re going abroad, an appropriate plug adapter. Good old-fashioned notepad and pen can be useful as well. I definitely always take a loose pair of ‘normal’ harem pants/track suit bottoms that I can pull over my dance pants if I have to walk from my hotel to the venue. Makes changing easy when you get there – especially if there’s not much space to change. If it’s a longer event, Deep Heat, or some sort of balm for easing tired muscles. Travel/hand wash for washing through dance clothes and a couple of spare wire coat hangers to hang up wet things is a must for me – it saves so much on luggage space if you can reuse outfits (which means you can shop more!) Quite often I’ll buy toiletries and even towels from the Pound shop to take with me so that I won’t be sad about having to leave them behind because I’ve bought too much in the souk. (Again!) It probably comes under point one, but I always take a printed copy of the timetable, particularly for a longer event where I’m not doing every class, to remind me what I’m doing each day and where I’m meant to be. I can also mark any time/room changes on it.

    • Ishtar Dance says:

      Hi Jane, some excellent additional points, especially about the deep heat and wire hangers! I tend to take my camping towel, which folds down to nearly nothing and tries extremely quickly. I’ve had it for over 10 years now, so it was a great investment piece. I know all to well what you mean about having extra spaces for the shopping, so every inch of suitcase space matters 😉

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